Learn Paragliding, Paramotoring or Speedflying in Christchurch with Parapro and let your dreams turn into reality.

The Christchurch based Paragliding and Paramotoring School offers the following exciting range of flying courses and Trial Instructional Tandem Flights.

Instructional Tandem Flights 1 Day Intro 3 Day Novice (PG1) PG2 Paragliding Paramotor Courses

Parapro is the longest running Paragliding school in Christchurch. With 35 years of flying experience, Dave Dennis the owner and Parapro’s Chief Flying Instructor will help you launch your next aerial adventure, whether its learning to Paraglide, Paramotor, Speed fly or a one-off trial Paraglding Tandem Flight .

We teach in small groups for a more personal approach and all the flying equipment is provided with the paragliding courses. You pay only what you. do. If the weather does not play ball then you only pay what you have done.

Join us for a fun filled learning experience.

Experience Paragliding in Christchurch, flying tandem or solo.

A great way to be introduced into free flight is to experience an Instructional Paragliding Tandem Flight in Christchurch with Parapro and learn the basics about paragliding with the instructor flying with you. If you are interested in flying solo on your first day then maybe a One Day Intro is for you. Tandem paragliding or going solo is a great way in introducing you to the sport of paragliding

If you have caught the flying bug then the next step is the PG1 and the PG2 paragliding courses. Now the real fun begins…….

Speedriding, the latest sport to hit our slopes. This new sport is not so extreme, it depends upon the way you do it.

Learn speedriding with Parapro. We suggest that you have a good level of skiing ability. You do not need to be an expert at paragliding but some experience is helpful as the wings used are very simple and easy to use. It’s recommended at least a PG1 paragliding course is taken prior to hitting the slopes and learning to speedride.

Speedflying – foot launching a mini wing, requires more paragliding experience. Designed for fast descents and flying in strong winds

Learn to Paramotor – the cheapest, most convenient and safest form of powered aircraft in the world.

Imagine taking off in a few steps on the beach, flying for up to 3- 4 hrs exploring a remote coastline not normally available to the general public.

Powered paragliding brings a new meaning to adventure. It can be packed away in a suitcase or set up ready to fly on the back of your car. For a powered aircraft its so economical with consumption only 3-4 litres per hour. If you want to fly over some majestic mountain, no problem, heights of 9500 ft plus can be achieved. If you are holiday take your back pack with you.

Learn to Paramotor In Christchurch and join one of our Paramotor courses and you too can be a qualified pilot ready to explore.

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