/// Beginner Paragliding Courses

1 day Intro Paragliding Course.

Cost: $300

Fly solo on your first day with a 1 day Paragliding Course.

Your day begins with the 5 point pre-flight check, ground handling practice, learning to control the wing and launch techniques. We then progress to our small training hill for 2 small flights working on our launch and landings. From here we drive to the top of our main flying site 650ft for one exciting high flight. All flights are done by radio supervision under strict supervision.

PG1 – 3 day Novice Paragliding Course.

Cost: $800 or $500 if completed the Intro Course

Enroll on a 3 day Paragliding Course that will kick start your next goal – to be a Paraglider or Paramotor Pilot

At the completion of the course you will have learnt the following skills:

  1. Correctly unpack/pack the paraglider and harness and  correctly lay out the paraglider
  2. Demonstrate the 5 point pre-flight check
  3. Demonstrate canopy establishment (inflation) – check,  correct  and take-off or abort
  4. Have completed at least 6 satisfactory paragliding flights on at least 2 separate days, showing consistently good take-offs, landings and directional control.
  5. Be able to land in a standing position
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of hard landing technique
  7. Demonstrate an ability to assess suitable weather conditions for paragliding.
  8. Be able to evaluate suitable launch and landing areas
  9. Show competence as a launch assistant
  10. Demonstrate a safe attitude towards paragliding
  11. Passed The PG1 Exam

For a full run down on the NZHGPA PG1 requirements please click here: OPMF23

Prior to starting your paragliding course you will need to be a member of the NZHGPA. Click here to JOIN

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PG1 Paragliding


Cost: $800 (includes 1 day intro)

PG2 Paragliding  


Cost: From $2200 (Require PG1)