/// Hike and Fly Courses

Parapro now offers specialist Hike and Fly Paragliding courses for those that are interested in combining hiking /climbing and flying.

Course cost: $3000 ( includes PG2)

After summiting your climb, imagine flying down by paraglider instead of a long walk down. This is now becoming more and more possible with the evolution of new high tech flying equipment.

With light weight equipment that can be 3kg or less its now less physically demanding and more convenient to combine your favourite hike / climb with a rewarding descent by paraglider. Weather plays a major part in safe flying. More so in the mountains. This course will specialize in site assessment, weather restrictions, safe take off and flying practices and flying within your own abilities

The Christchurch based Paragliding Course is a NZHGPA PG2 rating with additional training on the hike and flying component during the later stages of the course.

All students are required to do the Hike and Fly component during the later stages of their course on their own light weight equipment. Parapro provides discounted equipment packages for its Hike and Fly students.

Contact Dave on info@parapro.co.nz