/// Instructional Tandem Flights

Experience a Trial Instructional Paragliding Tandem Flight in Christchurch and soar to new heights with one of the countries most experienced Paragliding / Paramotoring Instructors.

Free flying Instructional tandem Paragliding flight: $240.00

Motorized Instructional tandem flight: $250.00

So you are interested in Paragliding in Christchurch. A Trial Instructional Paragliding Tandem Flight is an ideal introduction into this exciting sport. This experience provides the opportunity to learn the basics of Paragliding or Paramotoring under the safe supervision of the instructor.

Dave Dennis is one of New Zealand’s most experienced instructors / tandem pilots with over 31 years of teaching and flying experience. He will pilot your paraglider and will put you at ease.

Flights last 20 Р30 minutes in duration. The exciting experience overlooks Canterbury’s beaches with stunning views of the Southern Alps and Lyttelton harbour.

There are 2 options.

  1. Free flying Instructional tandem flight. Launching from one of our many Christchurch based flying sites. Max passenger weight is 110kg
  2. Motorized Instructional tandem paragliding flight. Foot launching from the local beach using a Powered Paraglider. Max weight is 85kg

During our Trial Introductory Tandem Flight we will cover the following:

  • 1. Pre-flight check list
  • The launch phase
  • 3. Directional control and how a wing works
  • Soaring techniques
  • 5. Height loss methods
  • 6. Landing techniques
  • 7. What’s involved in learning to paraglide or paramotor.

If you want to continue learning after your tandem flight you are already off to a good start. Having this experience and learning some basics of free flight or powered paragliding will help you in your next step in flying solo.

At the completion of your Trial Instructional Flight you will be rewarded with a well deserved certificate of achievement and info on how we can get into this exciting sport.

This is an experience not to be missed in Christchurch and perhaps the start of a new addictive sport. So team up with Dave and fly with Christchurch’s most experienced.

Gift vouchers are available on request

PG1 Paragliding


Cost: $800 (includes 1 day intro)

PG2 Paragliding  


Cost: From $2200 (Require PG1)