/// Full Paragliding Licence Course (PG2)

PG2 full Paragliding License – equivalent to IPPI 3 international rating

9 Day Block Course Cost: $2200 – Pre- requirement- PG1

All PG2 students will receive a Loyalty Card that entitles them to the following:

  • 10% off all new equipment purchases and subsequent advanced courses.
  • Learning and refining never ends for the newly rated PG2 pilot. Parapro will provide assistance and continuous tips to help enhance their new found skills to all loyalty card holders.
  • After the completion of the course, loyalty card holders will be given free transport back up the hill when conditions are not soarable in a luxury 9 seater van. No walking up hills, travelling in comfort and in style. (Providing there’s a free seat)

PG2 Syllabus:

  1. Equipment set up and pre-flight checks
  2.  Controlled forward inflations and launch
  3. Big ears, with/without weight shift
  4.  Controlled reverse inflations and launch
  5. Pitch and roll control in straight flight
  6. Coordinated high and low bank turns.
  7. 360 degree turns left and right with pitch and roll control
  8. Rear riser control, use and limitations.
  9. Speed bar, big ears and speed bar.
  10. Controlled landing into wind within 20m of a predetermined spot on 2 consecutive flights.
  11. Top landings, slope landings ( optional for available sites)
  12. Wingovers ( optional)
  13. Asymmetric collapse ( optional)
  14. Knowledge of rescue parachute deployment and PLF
  15. Understand alternative landing approach methods
  16. Appropriate site, weather and risk assessments.
  17. Demonstrate a “safety first” attitude for self and others.
  18. Know and obey right of way rules when flying with other aircraft.
  19. Min 150 mins flight time including a total of 100mins achieved in no more than 10 flights.
  20. Min 40 flights from authorised launch sites.
  21. Flights from at least 4 different launch sites to at least 3 different landing areas, 1 of these sites must be inland.
  22. At least 5 take-offs in winds of 5 knots ( 9 km/hr) or less.
  23. At least 5 take-offs in winds of 9 knots (17km/hr) or more.
  24. Pass all PG2 theory

    For a complete run down on NZHGPA PG2 requirements click on the following link: OPMF 24

Prior to starting the course all participants are required to be members of the NZHGPA. To join, please click HERE

paragliding training in Christchurch
One of our many paragliding flying sites

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