/// Speedflying Courses

Speedriding, the latest sport to hit our slopes. This new sport is not so extreme, it depends upon the way you do it.

We suggest that you have a good level of skiing ability and you under take a course as provided for by Parapro. You do need to be an expert at paragliding but some experience is helpful as the wings used are very simple and easy to use. It’s recommended a PG1 paragliding course is taken prior to hitting the slopes and learning the basics of speed riding.

Speed flying is foot launching a small wing that requires at least a PG2 rating prior to starting.

Parapro will be organising Speed Riding courses over the 2020 winter. For those interested in purchasing your speed riding wing and joining us on the courses please contact Parapro to book your place.

Parapro is the NZ dealer for Niviuk Skate 2. Available in 4 sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 sq mtrs. The most experienced and demanding pilots will go for the smaller sizes. The less experienced will take advantage of the wide range of sizes while not being afraid to progress. Extremely easy to inflate with soft and progressive brake action, the Skate provides a wide speed and glide range to suit all terrain, conditions and abilities of the rider. Niviuk Skate – the ideal Speed riding wing for all abilities.