/// Paramotoring Conversion Courses

Convert your Paragliding license to a Paramotor license and explore beyond your expectations.

3 – 4 days duration (PG2 license required)

Cost: $1650 
($1450 if you purchase a new motor via Parapro)

Learn from NZ’s most experienced paramotor Instructor. Dave Dennis will teach you the basic fundamentals of Paramotoring that will enable you to safely fly motor assisted. With over 30 years of teaching flying he will show you the key points that help with consistent take-off and landings, how to take-off easily in light to nil wind conditions, strong wind launches and landing techniques and flying with a safe angle of attack, using the motor for correction, safe flying practices and the legal requirements for motorized flight

The NZHGPA Paramotor Endorsement requires the following:

1. PG2 rating

2. Minimum 25 motorized Flights

Demonstrate ability in:

3. Wing inflation without motor running

4. Wing inflation with motor running

5. Pre-take off control of aircraft

6. Simulated post landing control of aircraft

7. Launch abort

8. Consistently good launch technique with forward and reverse launch pull-ups

9. Demonstrate 3 consecutive powered flights from a flat site to at least 500 ASGL with unassisted take offs runs, smooth 90 degree left and right turns including good airspeed and throttle control and finish with stand up power off landings including full deflations of the canopy between flights in winds of less than 5kph.

10. Demonstrate a standard traffic joining procedure

11. Demonstrate a 30km cross country flight

12. keep an accurate log-book

13. Display good airmanship, an ability to manoeuver a powered paraglider safely, considerately and in accordance with air traffic rules

15. Has the attitude to continue flying both safely and competently

16. Passed the following exams: Passed online VFR online with the last 3 years. Passed OPM F 64

Parapro teaches Foot Launch or Wheel Based Paramotoring 7 days a week, weather permitting and availability. For the Conversion course participants are required to have a PG2 licence.

For more info on course structure and equipment please contact Dave on info@parapro.co.nz

Other options

Full Paramotoring Course.  10 –12 days duration.