/// Full Paramotor licence

Learn Paramotoring in Christchurch with NZ’s most experienced, qualified Paramotoring Instructor

Cost: $2800 If you learn on your own motor. $3000 if you learn on Parapro’s equipment.

If you purchase your equipment through Parapro, students will receive a $500 discount off any new wing or motor purchased.

To learn paramotoring it will take 3 – 12 days duration depending upon the course you do and weather restraints.

Paramotoring requires good ground handling skills and a reasonable level of fitness. Ground handling skills will be assessed prior to staring the course

To obtain the most from the course it is strongly advised that you are reasonably fit and that the course is compressed in duration as much as possible.

If you can complete the course in one hit, instead of completing over a long period of time you will benefit the most from the course. But for some this is not always possible due to work and family commitments.

Parapro will only teach individuals who have purchased their motors through Parapro – either new or second hand. Motors start from $5300. If buying from Parapro, it guarantees the motor is set up up correctly and working how it should be. There’s no time wasted during the training faze sorting out motor issues. This is often the case when purchasing else where.

For more info on course structure and equipment please contact Dave on info@parapro.co.nz

Conversion Course.  3 – 4 days duration (PG2 license required)