/// Why learn with Parapro

  • Fly with the most experienced. Parapro is Christchurch’s longest running Paragliding school. Its owner – Dave Dennis is your Chief Flying Instructor and is one of NZ’ most experienced pilots / instructors with over 30 years of teaching experience. He started flying microlights in 1985. In 1990 he started Paragliding. From late 1991 he was teaching commercially internationally and has been teaching full time year ever since.  He is NZ’s first NZHGPA Paramotor rated Instructor and operates New Zealand’s longest running Paramotor school. His other passions are foot and ski launch speed flying and has been teaching these exciting disciplines since 2014.
  • Christchurch has a diverse range of flying sites right on your doorstep.  Our 15 local sites, 15 minutes from central Christchurch, provide coastal and thermal flying. Our gem- ”Taylor’s Mistake” is one of the best if not the best top landing sites in NZ. It’s perfect for the beginner to learn the skills for top landings. With its smooth flying conditions, Taylors Mistake offers confidence inspiring conditions suited for low airtime pilots.  For mountain flying experience travel no further than 45 minutes for easy flying thermals, ideally suited for the novice pilot. Our range of flying sites and their proximity is almost embarrassing with the large variety and close convenance. Parapro also has exclusive rights to a number of inland flying sites, providing greater variety and more opportunities to fly when the conditions locally are not user friendly or suitable for the student.
  • Safety is our number one priority. Well proven teaching methods / strategies support safe flying. There’s no better substitute than site and local weather knowledge, accumulated over 30 years of teaching. Our training equipment is the latest in design, supporting safe and easy flying for students.
  • Loyalty Card given to all students providing a 10% discount for new gear purchases. (Valid for 3 years).
  • All Loyalty Card holders will receive assistance and continuous tips to help enhance their new found skills after their PG2 Course. Learning and refining never ends for the newly licensed pilot.
  • Unbeatable quality equipment packages available to Parapro students and loyalty card holders.
  • Accommodation is cheap and close to flying sites. No long drives, no expensive accommodation just hassle-free enjoyable flying at your door-step. Flying sites are only 7minutes away.