/// Paramotor Training

Learn to Paramotor – the cheapest, most convenient and safest form of powered aircraft in the world.

Imagine taking off in a few steps on the beach, flying for up to 3- 4 hrs exploring a remote coastline not normally available to the general public.

Powered paragliding brings a new meaning to adventure. It can be packed away in a suitcase or set up ready to fly on the back of your car. For a powered aircraft its so economical with consumption only 3-4 litres per hour. If you want to fly over some majestic mountain, no problem, heights of 9500 ft plus can be achieved. If you are holiday take your back pack with you.

Learn to Paramotor In Christchurch and join one of our Paramotor courses and you too can be a qualified pilot ready to explore.

Parapro sells a range of paramotors and paramotor wings to suit. Motors rang from $5000 second hand to $9800 New.

Paramotor wings are $4500 for the latest and greatest.

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