Parapro, based in Christchurch is New Zealand’s premier paramotoring training facility offering paramotor courses, paramotoring tours and equipment sales.


Enjoy the freedom of powered paragliding.  Just imagine a powered aircraft that can take off in a few meters, fly for 3- 4 hrs use 3 – 4 liters per hour and on the completion of your flight, a 5minute pack-up that will fit in the back of your car.


Powered Paragliding or paramotoring as it is sometimes called is pure motorized flying, you are literally flying by the seat of your pants.  With an endurance of up to 3-4 hrs, you can fly up to 150–200km on a tank of gas.


Paramotoring offers the chance to fly unexplored areas which are normally out of reach.  Imagine flying down a remote coastline or valley, the air is silky smooth. and with no one in sight. You are on a natural high knowing that you are exploring an area that most people will never see.