training picWe offer a wide range of courses, from Instructional Tandem Flights, a 1 day Intro, 3 day Novice Course (PG1), to a Full Paragliding Course (PG2). Parapro provides all the latest equipment during training as part of the course cost.


Christchurch is the ideal place to learn with its flying sites right at your door step. We have over 12 sites to choose from that includes one of the best soaring and top landable sites in New Zealand. We can combine the best of both worlds from coastal ridge soaring to  thermaling.


Paragliding offers freedom, convenience and simplicity.You are literally flying by your seat of your pants. In my opinion, Paragliding is the purest from of flying. From your first paragliding flights as a novice you will appreciate the feeling of free flight. For the advancing pilot the challenge is always there for a personal distance record and experiencing new and exciting flying areas.


Your paraglider and harness will fold into a ruck sack, the size of a tramping pack, weighing around 12 kg and can be easily transported in the car or take it on your holiday on the plane. If you are keen on tramping, how about climbing uo your favourite mountain and paragliding down. Set up time is only a few minutes and if you are lucky enough to live in NZ, a very short drive to your flying site.

Paragliding courses run all year round, 7 days a week, weather permitting.


Paragliding lessons come in 4 training options:


Trial Instructional Tandem Flight

Cost: $195. Video/photo option of your experience: $45

Learn the basics of paragliding with an instructional tandem flight. With the instructor flying with you, you will learn the following:

a) 5 point pre-flight safety check

b) take-off techniques

c) Directional and speed control of the wing

d) Soaring strategies, finding lift and height loss techniques

e) How to land

f) How to get into the sport of paragliding.

This is a great way to be introduced to the sport of paragliding and with duel steering controls you have the opportunity to have hands on experence flying the wing under the guidence of the instructor.


1 Day Introductory Course

Cost: $300

An introduction into paragliding that includes ground handling, launch techniques, wing control, 2 small flights and 1 high flight

under radio supervision


PG1: 3 day Novice Paragliding Licence

Cost: $450

(Pre – requirement – intro course)

At the completion of the course you will have learnt the following skills:

a) Correctly unpack/pack the paraglider and harness and  correctly lay out the paraglider

b) Demonstrate the 5 point pre-flight check

c) Demonstrate canopy establishment (inflation) – check,  correct  and take-off or abort

d) Have completed at least 6 satisfactory paragliding flights on at least 2

separate days, showing consistently good take-offs, landings and directional


e) Be able to land in a standing position

f) Demonstrate knowledge of hard landing technique

g) Demonstrate an ability to assess suitable weather conditions for paragliding.

h) Be able to evaluate suitable launch and landing areas

i) Show competence as a launch assistant

j) Demonstrate a safe attitude towards paragliding

K) Passed The PG1 Exam


PG2 full Paragliding License – equivalant to IPPI 3 international rating

Cost: $1750. (Pre- requirement- PG1)

The student  to demonstrated competency in the following skills:

a) Equipment set up and pre-flight checks

b. Controlled forward inflations and launch

c) Big ears, with/without weight shift

d) Controlled reverse inflations and launch

e) Pitch and roll control in straight flight

f) Coordinated high and low bank turns.

g) 360 degree turns left and right with pitch and roll control

h) Rear riser control, use and limitations.

i) Speed bar, big ears and speed bar.

j)  Controlled landing into wind within 20m of a predetermined spot on 2

consecutive flights.

k) Top landings, slope landings ( optional for available sites)

L)  Wingovers ( optional)

m) Asymmetric collapse ( optional)

n) Knowledge of rescue parachute deployment and PLF

o) Understand alternative landing approach methods

p) Appropriate site, weather and risk assessments.

q) Demonstrate a “safety first” attitude for self and others.

r) Know and obey right of way rules when flying with other aircraft.

s) Min 150 mins flight time including a total of 100mins achieved in no more

than 10 flights.

t) Min 40 flights from authorised launch sites.

u) Flights from at least 4 different launch sites to at least 3 different landing

areas, 1 of these sites must be inland.

v) At least 5 take-offs in winds of 5 knots ( 9 km/hr) or less.

w) At least 5 take-offs in winds of 9 knots (17km/hr) or more.

x) Pass all PG2 theory


Local Thermaling and Cross-country Courses

Cost: $800

Parapro is offering advanced courses in the Canterbury area, over the weekends on the months of November/ early December and late March/April.  Designed for those that want to experience advanced sites, who are new to Christchurch or want to learn the art of cross country flying.

Run over 5 – days on the weekends and 1 evening of November and late march.  The courses will run on a day to day basis if the weather is suitable.


We are flying sites that are no more than 2 hrs drive from Christchurch

Our selection of sites to choose from are: Castle Rock, / Christchurch Gondola, Craigieburn Valley, Mount Cheeseman, Mount Hutt

Mount Isabel,  Akaroa


No travelling costs, no accommodation required. The course is weather permitting on a day to day basis. This is a great course to learn local and advanced site knowledge, experience cross country flying and to assist in achieve your goals


The course will provide the following:

Equipment for XC flying

Assessing the weather

Site selection and appraisal

Flight planning and XC strategies

Preparing for flight

When to take-off

Active flying and dealing with turbulence

Identifying thermal sources

Reading clouds

Coring and connecting the thermals

Speed to fly strategies



Radio communications



Book now as places are limited