Learn Paragliding in Christchurch, New Zealand  


Our training facility provides; a range of Instructional Tandem Flights, Paragliding and Speed Flying Courses


As the only full time Paragliding and Paramotoring Training Facility in Christchurch, our aim is to provide the highest standards in teaching students, in various forms of flying. Parapro operates 7 days a week, 363 days a year, weather permitting. With over 12 sites to choose from and within 15min from the city centre Christchurch is an ideal destination to learn to fly for its convience and variation of flying sites.


Paragliding offers freedom, convenience and simplicity.You are literally flying by your seat of your pants. In my opinion, Paragliding is the purest from of flying. From your first paragliding flights as a novice you will appreciate the feeling of free flight. For the advancing pilot the challenge is always there for a personal distance record and experiencing new and exciting flying areas.


Your paraglider and harness will fold into a ruck sack, the size of a tramping pack, weighing around 8kg and can be easily transported in the car or take it on your holiday on the plane. If you are keen on tramping, how about climbing uo your favourite mountain and paragliding down. Set up time is only a few minutes and if you are lucky enough to live in NZ, a very short drive to your flying site.
With your skills gained in paragliding you can easily progress to speed flying or powered paragliding.
To legally fly in New Zealand you need to be member of the NZHGPA (New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association)
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