Parapro will be organising speed flying courses over the 2017 season.


Parapro is the NZ dealer for ITV Pil Pitt and Niviuk Skate 2 Speedriding wings The Niviuk Skate comes in 4 sizes.

Speed Riding wings are generally ski launched and generally less than 14 sqm in size.

Speed flying wings are generally foot launched. Wings are normally in the 15 sqm – 20 sqm range, are designed to be easily foot launched, are ideal for strong wind flying and are capable of soaring. Because they are not primarily a descent wing and are not ski launched, pilots are legally required to have a full paragliding license and to be members of the NZHGPA.

The ITV Bip Bip and Niviuk Roller are the recommended wings for speed flyers.