Many students learned with us – and they all still enjoy being up in the air… 


Pic1 Anton DebAnton and Deb Green

My wife and I did a paragliding refresher course with Parapro after a break from flying for a number of years. Dave was highly informative, providing all the PG2 requirements in a most thorough manner. With his friendly easy going teaching style, learning was made easy and enjoyable. He also took us to a large number of flying sites giving us an in depth and comprehensive refresher course

– Anton and Deb Green

Occupation: Commercial Airline Pilot and Arts Therapist



sam and nadiaSam and Nadia

I learnt to paraglide with Dave Dennis of Para Pro as did my wife. Dave is a approachable and caring instructor who professionally guides his students through PG1, PG2 and beyond.

– Sam and Nadia Batholomew

Occupation: Doctors







Dave showed patience and professionalism in teaching me. I can’t believe it was only 4 months from my intro lesson to having my license and being able to fly with confidence whenever I want. He also provided great advice and help with my equipment – it made it so much easier knowing I was dealing with a trustworthy and knowledgeable person.

– Kevin Havard

Occupation: Retired businessman